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We provide premium and reliable packaging and storage services that deliver high performance freight forwarding services. We use only high grade and equipment ecofriendly packaging materials to maintain sustainability.

We have fully bonded customs controlled warehouses to store dutiable goods.

Our warehouses our climate controlled and equipped with the latest technology. The facilities measure around a 4,500 sq. ft. for storage & warehousing of any type of cargo

We utilise top quality and environmentally friendly products for the packaging of all kinds of freight items. The packaging materials we use include:
Packaging pallet wrap
Boxes and drums
Biodegradable protective masking and wrapping tapes
Oxo-biodegradable Stretch films and Bubble wraps

We specialize at devanning and unloading freight from containers. Our workers are monitored and trained to unload items with great care and responsibility.

We provide cost effective and professional pick and pack services to deliver premium, all-inclusive logistics solutions.

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