We provide extensive freight forwarding services that include local and international logistics, customs brokerage, packaging & storage, and vehicle procurement.


Global Freight Forwarding

We understand that businesses require a middleman to help them transport their goods and equipment from one place to another. At Waruch, we accommodate all your shipping requirements by providing reliable storage and expedited freight delivery. We have a network of reputable carriers and warehouses located strategically to provide trouble-free transport of goods.

We provide a multitude of international freight forwarding services by means of different modes of transportation including air, ocean and road freight.

Local/International Removals

At Waruch Freight, we provide reliable local and international removal services. Whether you’re thinking of relocating your business or your residence to another city or country, Waruch will help simplify the removal process into a stress free experience.
With our network of trusted partners and our freight specialists, we help package and pick up the freight which is later transported to the required location. We provide complete door-to-door domestic and international removal services. All the items and equipment used in the process are clean, innovative and above all ecofriendly.

Package Consolidation

We provide effective and high value package consolidation services by means of our vast network of suppliers. The US-mailbox forwarding involves reliable storage and expedited delivery of goods to help individuals enjoy international shopping experiences. We deal in a variety of industry leading brands and ecommerce businesses to help deliver premium shipping and logistics.

Product Sourcing & Buying

Waruch provides cost effective product sourcing services that include buying merchandise from whole sale suppliers and manufacturers. The products are bought in bulk at a competitive price to offer high value. We have a vast network of local and international suppliers who offer wide ranging products of great quality. The purchased goods are stored in our secured and safe warehouses from where they are later transported to their destination.
At Waruch, we source specified products at competitive rates, while managing the entire import and freight processes to offer cost effective and time-saving solutions.

General Export

We accommodate freight forwarding of wide ranging commodities and equipment. The commonly exported items are including but not limited to:
-Office Equipment
-Printing and Photographic equipment
-Glassware and laboratory items
-Agricultural equipment
-Computer Accessories & Electrical Goods
-Industrial and Factory Parts
-Excess Baggage with basic personal effects insurance


Customs Brokers

Waruch brings in a team of experienced and licensed customs brokers who help counsel and draft important customs and import/export documentations. Our team has years of experience in customs clearance procedures of the countries that we provide freight services for.
We have a network of powerful connections that facilitate hassle-free customs clearance to ensure expedited delivery of goods. Our dedicated, onsite customs brokers help identify and implement tariff classifications to offer solutions in compliance with governmental rules and regulations.
Our customs clearance specialists also have profound expertise in the paperwork involving customs clearances of various countries. We help document and acquire crucial clearance certificates and letters including but not limited to:
Certificate of Origin
Import License
Customs bond
Purchase order or Letter of Credit
Legal Undertaking (LUT)
Halal certificates
ATA CARNET/Temporary shipment certificate


Team of Experts

At Waruch, we have a specific team of experts designated for inventory management to deliver freight forwarding services with security, accuracy, and visibility.
We utilise latest technology and deep rooted expertise to create, maintain, and update a turnkey inventory control process. Also, we can scale and personalise control processes as the need arises. We are skilled at delivering hourly, daily and monthly customised reports to our customers for validating and tracking inventory.
Our inventory management helps strategise the locations of goods to close proximity to our customers. While also maintaining a secure storage with approved security protocols.


We provide premium and reliable packaging and storage services that deliver high performance freight forwarding services. We use only high grade and equipment ecofriendly packaging materials to maintain sustainability.

Bonded facilities:

We have fully bonded customs controlled warehouses to store dutiable goods.

Environmentally-controlled warehouse:

Our warehouses our climate controlled and equipped with the latest technology. The facilities measure around a 4,500 sq. ft. for storage & warehousing of any type of cargo.

Packaging Materials

We utilise top quality and environmentally friendly products for the packaging of all kinds of freight items. The packaging materials we use include:
Packaging pallet wrap
Boxes and drums
Biodegradable protective masking and wrapping tapes
Oxo-biodegradable Stretch films and Bubble wraps

Devanning & loading of containers

We specialise at devanning and unloading freight from containers. Our workers are monitored and trained to unload items with great care and responsibility.

Pick & pack

We provide cost effective and professional pick and pack services to deliver premium, all-inclusive logistics solutions.



At Waruch Freight Logistics, we specialise in the responsible and compliant transportation of automobiles. Our vehicle procurement solutions include customs clearance and door-to-door logistics of automotive.
We utilise patented and innovative technology in order to deliver safe and reliable transportation of cars and other automotive. All types of automobiles including but not limited to:
– Cars
– Motorbikes
– Heavy duty Trucks
– Tractors
– Watercraft

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